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The Energy Cost Modeling tool will simulate the operation of a predefined load profile and calculate the cost of meeting the energy needs using different combinations of energy sources. Select one of the scenarios below and indicate whether to model the system with or without a grid connection. After loading your selected scenario, you may modify selected energy cost parameters on the next page.

System Components Power Load
Scenario Summary

This scenario models a near-constant electric demand typical of a continuous commercial or industrial load, such as a manufacturing or chemical processing plant. The average electric load is 24 MWh/day or 1 MW. There is a small amount of random variation in the electric load, resulting in an annual peak hourly load of 1.14 MW.

Possible power sources include the grid (if available), a 1.25 MW diesel generator, a 1.2 MW natural gas fueled generator, and up to three 600 kW wind turbines.

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