How does it work?

FSE Sample Analysis:
  Four Corners Study
  Coal Mine Mesa Study
  White Rock Study
  A few words about Full Spectrum Energy:
  • Full Spectrum Energy (FSE) provides clients with commercially viable, reliable, and environmentally sound solutions for their energy needs.
  • FSE applies state-of-the-art modeling and optimization tools to address areas where energy demand is growing, where natural resources are plentiful, but where the conventional power grid is nonexistent, prohibitively expensive or unreliable-or where water management issues adversely impact energy development.
  • FSE evaluates the full spectrum of energy options, from renewable systems (solar, wind and photovoltaic); to stand alone gas fired electric generation systems to renewable-conventional-grid "hybrid" systems.
  • FSE utilizes advanced technology to develop accurate predictive models including:
    • satellite imagery
    • world-wide cloud cover data
    • advanced solar models
    • wind resource maps
    • natural gas production and cost models